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Steam Summer Sale day 4: the best deals

Steam Summer Sale Day 4

Do you see that? That’s Valve’s GabeN plunging hundreds of sales into your still beating heart. Don’t worry though, as you never truly die in a Steam Summer Sale – you are merely reborn the next day with a bit less green stuff in your wallet.

Here’s the best deals of day four – lets hope you have some money left!

Daily Deals:

The Banner Saga

Vikings! Role-playing! Strategy! That’s what you’re in for if you pick up The Banner Saga. It’s beautifully crafted with hand-drawn landscapes and environments; it oozes character. If you’re a fan of either RPGs or RTS’, then you’ve got a real winner on your hands. It also has full controller support, so you can enjoy this delicious adventure from the comfort of your bed/sofa. There’s also a sequel on the way too. It’s 75 percent off for a mere £3.74/$4.99.


If you enjoyed Supergiant’s superb ARPG, Bastion, then stop right now and just pick up Transistor. Much like Banner Saga, it’s gorgeous to look at, backup by a engaging combat system. There’s not enough good sci-fi-themed games around today, and this is one of the few that really sets itself apart. I’d also really recommend picking up the soundtrack too. It’s ace. The game is 75 percent off at £3.74/&4.99.

Left 4 Dead 2

Why haven’t you bought this yet? I honestly don’t believe this isn’t in your library already. Not a chance.

Alien: Isolation

I love horror games – yes, I’m quite into torturing my mind with terror and fear. Alien: Isolation is just as scary as the rest, while also demonstrating an insane level of commitment to recreating the Aliens world, just as it was back in the original movies. Creative Assembly really deserve a pat on the back for that. Make no mistake though – this is a proper survival horror game. If you’re looking to go shoot up some Alien butt, you’ll be poorly disappointed, and probably missing some limbs too. Again, it’s 75 percent off, reducing it from £31.99/$49.99 down to a stupidly good £7.99/$12.49.

Endless Legend

I’ve heard a lot of good praise for Endless Legend, but never seemed to have time or spare cash to pick it up. It’s a 4X turn-based strategy game set in a stunning fantasy world, where several factions vie for dominance, not only for themselves, but also to hold the fate of the planet of Auriga too (which is dying). The factions are deep and unique – you’ve got your traditional nature loving elves, to entities clad in armour who sustain themselves by consuming dust. It has tech trees, unit customisations and an addictive looking battle system.

I’ve actually just gone and bought it. At 50 percent off, it’s only £13.49/$17.49, which for a good 4X game is a steal.

Flash Sales:


A classic revival of the original Gauntlet, you and three friends can take on the class archetypes of old and plunder the deepest and deadliest of dungeons. If you’re looking for a good romp with some friends on a weekend, this is the game for you. And at 75 percent off, you may even be able to purchase your friends some copies at the super low £3.74/$4.99. Just don’t buy the four pack, as for some reason that hasn’t been appropriately discounted.

Warhammer Franchise

Do you want to serve the Emperor? Of course you do! Take up your place in one of the many great Warhammer 40K games that have come out over the years. Dawn of War 1 & 2 are fantastic RTS games, and are very much a must buy. Don’t be put off by the original Dawn of War’s aged aesthetics, it’s a meaty game nonetheless. I did however find myself only mildly enjoying Space Marine; if you liked Gears of War, you might find some fun there though. The whole lot is between 50-66 percent off.

Super Meat Boy

If you like your thumbs, then you might want to ignore this recommendation. Super Meat Boy is a “tough-as-nails” platformer, that will take any hope you have of completing it, and smash it into tiny pieces. Whenever you perish inside the game, bloody remains of your cute character will splatter across the level. Before long, you can barely recognise anything anymore in the sea of red. Similarly, a red mist will surely descend over your eyes, and will refuse to abate until you’ve completed the damn thing.

The levels are devilishly made, the art funky and funny – you’ll hate yourself several times while playing this game, but the elation of finally completing that damn level will be worth it all. It’s also 90 percent off, putting it at an almost laughable £1.09/$1.49. You know what you have to do.