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Steam Summer Sale Day 9: it will never be sated

Steam Summer Sale 2014 day 9

It’s the ninth day of the Steam Summer Sale, and I’m bloody exhausted. But we’ve still got three more days of discounts and wallets to abuse. 

Today’s a bit of a mixed bag, but don’t put your money away quite yet, there are still a few things that are fancy-tickling. 

Daily Deals:

While Tropico 5 was an entertaining, polished management game, you might want to pick up its predecessor instead. Ignore the version on the front page and pick up the Tropico 4 bundle, which comes with all the DLC. There’s a lot of it. While its successor is a slightly better game, there’s so much more content in the fourth outing when you throw in the DLC. You can grab the bundle for £4.49/$5.99.

Wargame: Red Dragon is the latest game in Eugen’s exceptional RTS/wargame series. It’s a tough nut to crank thanks to an appalling tutorial and the sim elements, but once you get a handle on it, there isn’t a better RTS with a modern setting. Red Dragon also adds over 450 new 1units to the already gargantuan list. It’s a bit pricer than the other daily deals at £17.99/$23.99, but it’s also massive and still quite new.

Pay Day 2 is a game about things going wrong, invariably. A co-op FPS centred around a series of heists and shootouts, it’s entertaining and a lot more explosive than any heist should really be, but it really reaches its crescendo when everything starts to fall apart and you’re just running fro your life. It’s a steal at £4.59/$5.99.

Flash Sales:

Our Jules wasn’t a fan of Reus, but I adored it. It’s part god game, part puzzle game, tasking players with nurturing a civilisation through construction and divine intervention. Through magical, elemental giants, the world can be changed and terraformed to provide burgeoning cities with the resources they need to thrive. And like all children, they’ll often become angry and greedy and sail off to conquer other cities. Naughty buggers. You can snatch it up for £1.74/$2.49.

Community’s Choice

System Shock 2. Just get it. It’s the best game Ken Levine and Irrational ever made and paved the way for the likes of Deus Ex and BioShock. As it was designed in ‘99, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, and it wasn’t easy to get into to begin with, but it remains a treat. A horrific, stressful treat. It’s only £1.04/$1.49.

Throwing cash at anything today?