Steam’s Digital Tabletop Fest highlights Gloomhaven, Plague Inc, and plenty more

Get your physical games the digital way

It’s never been easy to gather a group for a full tabletop game night, and the whole global pandemic thing has made it even more challenging. Luckily, the rise of digital tabletop adaptations has been well-timed to fill in the gap, and Valve’s got an event in mind to celebrate the format: the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest.

The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest begins on October 21 and lasts until October 26. “Produced in collaboration with Auroch Digital,” Valve says in the announcement, “the event will feature virtual Let’s Plays, panels, talks, and more streaming activities that explore the fusion between physical and digital games with legendary designers, upcoming studios, and you.”

The event will include talks on Plague Inc, Otherside, and Gloomhaven with their respective developers, as well as more broad panels featuring designers like Call of Cthulhu’s Sandy Petersen, GURPs and Munchkin creator Steve Jackson, Games Workshop co-founder Ian Livingstone, and Wingspan creator Elizabeth Hargrave.

You can see more details over on Steam.

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