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Your rare achievements on Steam will now glow gold

There's also a new blue ribbon for getting 100% of a game's achievements, according to some users' finds

Looks like some game achievements on Steam just got a lot shinier. Following the new new-look Steam library beta’s arrival, which went live yesterday, some users have spotted something pretty dazzling – some rare achievements now glow gold.

User Qulh has posted an image on the Steam Subreddit of a rare achievement for the cyberpunk-y multiplayer game Midnight, called ‘the breach was ignored’ with an all-new golden glow. It’s a rare achievement as, at the time of writing, only 1.4% of players have picked it up – and it looks like this is what gives the little nugget of accomplishment its new sheen.

Some users in the thread are saying that the threshold for getting the golden glow seems to be if under 10% of a game’s players have earned a particular achievement. This isn’t totally clear just yet, but user Respwn has posted a shot of some of their own Steam achievements from Borderlands 2 and Warframe, and sure enough, all of the ones you can see are under the 10% player attainment mark, so it’s possible this is the case.

If this wasn’t incentive enough to start chasing down some extra trophies in Steam, it looks like there’s also now a blue ribbon to reward your efforts for collecting all of a game’s achievements.

Haven’t seen it yet, but steam rare achievements glow. from r/Steam

User Cyberdaemon has posted an image of this in the thread, and it looks like just the thing to crown your 100% success. You can also see the golden rares shine here too – so glowy.

If you’re keen to go have a look for yourself, all you need to do to opt-in to the new Steam library beta is open the platform, go to settings, then your account page, then click the ‘change’ button under the header for the beta participation. If you’ve got some rare achievements tucked away from your adventures, maybe now they’ll have a nice golden hue.