PSA: The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is expected to start next week

Prepare yourself, your loved ones, and your wallet - looks like the Steam Lunar New Year Sale dates have leaked

The actual Lunar New Year is on February 1, but it looks like the Steam sale is getting underway a bit early. Valve has not yet officially announced the Steam Lunar New Year Sale dates, but as always, the details have leaked through Valve’s communications with developers. So get your wallets ready, because it’s almost time for GabeN to give again.

The Steam Lunar New Year sale is set to run from January 27 through February 3, according to leaked dates listed on SteamDB. The new sale comes just 22 days after the Steam Winter Sale, so it’s likely we’ll see pretty similar discounts here. Still, if you’ve been holding out on a couple of major releases, now will be as good a time as any to jump in.

This will also be the last major sale before the Steam Deck release date, which will see the first run of Valve’s handheld machine shipped out to early purchasers in February. Valve’s ramping up efforts with its Steam Deck Verified program, too, which will provide indicators of how well a game will perform on the handheld right on the store page.

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