Steam Summer Sale may run from June 22-July 5, according to Steamworks screenshots


Forget planning for the beach, it’s time to get planning for the Steam Summer Sale. Thanks to screenshots from cavalier Steamworks users, we may see Valve running its seasonal sale from June 22 to July 5.

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First posted by user deliteplays on the Steam subreddit and then corroborated by user Jelman21, Valve have communicated with Steamworks developers to inform them about the upcoming sale, in order for them to prepare deals and bundles ahead of time. While these dates were supposed to be confidential, it seems that Jelman21 did not get the message and decided to share the dates with the public.

As for how these dates got out, it’s most likely thanks to users being added to Steam Developer groups after getting access to a game’s alpha or beta via Kickstarter. Once they are in one of these internal groups, they are privy to sensitive information like the dates of upcoming Steam sales.

By posting these screenshots, both deliteplays and Jelman21 are technically breaking the NDA users must agree to before joining Steamworks. Seeing as there are so many Steamworks developers now, it was more a question of when these dates were going to leak out, rather than how

Apart from these potential dates, we know nothing else about this year’s Summer Sale. It’s fair to assume there will be some sort of gimmick like deciding daily sales based on whatever team Steam randomly assigned you, but no news on that has leaked yet. With a sale happening somewhere on a digital storefront almost every day, Steam will really have to offer some great deals if they want to make the most out of this year’s event.

Just like with any other info leak though, take things with a grain of salt and wait for official confirmation from Valve about this year’s Steam Summer Sale before you go offering your wallet on the altar of King Gabe. Even if the dates in these screenshots are correct, there is always a chance Valve may fudge them before the sale goes live.