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Steam Trading Cards will now only be offered with "legitimate games"

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To try and fight the number of people that game the Steam trading cards introduced back in 2013, Valve are introducing a new system that defines how trading cards are dropped, and what games are eligible for it.

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Noted in a blog post earlier today, games will now have to pass a certain threshold on an internal “confidence metric” before they can drop trading cards. The aim is to minimise the number of people who upload fake games and cards to Steam - abusing the Greenlight system - and make money by making bots rack up cards.

On top of this, though, they’re making trading cards retroactively drop under the new system. If you play a game before it has a high “confidence metric”, and later on it crosses the line and starts to drop cards, you’ll receive those without needing to play the game again. This also applies for games that have trading cards added post-release.

It’s unclear if this will be applied to those who played games before it added trading cards prior to when this update hits, but it seems they’ve got the capability to do it. 

There’s no release date for this update, but it will presumably be happening soon. They’ve also teased their next blog post, which will tackle the somewhat controversial publishing fee which Steam will be adding in soon, in place of Greenlight. 

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Braneman avatarpanbient avatarInfidel avatarNihlusGreen avatar
panbient Avatar
1 Year ago

I don't see a need to remove trading cards. Those who enjoy having a bit of digital bling should be able to get some. However I can understand why Steam would be establishing a minimum quality bar.

I'll admit that I've picked up garbage games for pennies specifically because they offered trading cards which I could then trade for Steam credit at a substantial profit. When a garbage game sells for $0.10 and the average trading card gets you $0.05 and you get 5 cards for the product, it'll pay for itself 2.5 times over with a bit of patience.

Braneman Avatar
1 Year ago

How about removing trading cards alltogether? Or at the very least letting me turn off notifications for them.

Infidel Avatar
1 Year ago

I'd really like to know what the criteria for the confidence metric is. What if I enjoy a certain indie game but others don't? Now I won't get cards for it because of them? That's bullshit.

NihlusGreen Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm guessing revealing that information would help to enable bad actors to game the system again. Legitimacy of the game and not negative reviews would be the measurement so nothing to get angry about yet.