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Brace your wallets, Valve’s Steam summer sale is here

Get ready for cheap games and big discounts galore as Valve releases its teaser trailer for the Steam summer sale, with many of the best PC games up for grabs.

Steam summer sale- Melina from Elden Ring looks up, one eye closed.

The summer Steam sale is upon us – is it hot in here, or is it me? Just the thought of all those delicious deals for the best PC games has got me sweating, and Valve is here to stoke the flames of anticipation as it releases its official teaser for the hottest event of the summer. Sit your wallet down and tell it the bad news now, because it’s bargain season over at the Steam store.

You can watch the Steam summer sale reveal trailer below, which showcases some of the highlights you can expect. It’s a pretty safe bet that everything featured in the trailer will get some nice offer, including one of the best roguelike games in Dead Cells and what – despite the mammoth and deserved success of Elden Ring – is perhaps secretly still FromSoftware’s best game, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

If you want to build a vast empire, there’s the grand scale of Civilization 6, one of the best 4X games around, as well as the more city-focused management of Anno 1800. If you’ve had more than enough of the rise and romp of industry and concrete, however, Terra Nil is a reverse city-building game where the goal is actually to restore harmony to nature and leave only footsteps behind.

Stardew Valley, of course, needs no introduction – perhaps the best farming game of all time, it’s a delightfully relaxing and joy-filled way to while away those hot summer evenings with a cool drink by your side. Or, if you really want to embrace the grim, dank sweatiness, then there’s no better place than the war-strewn battlefields of Total War Warhammer 3, one of the best strategy games in years and a welcome reminder of just how lucky we are that smell-o-vision never actually took off.

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Steam summer sale dates

The Steam summer sale runs Thursday June 29 – Thursday July 13, 2023. It begins and ends at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST / 7pm AEST on those days, so make sure to pick out your favorites before it’s too late. Once it’s live, you’ll find all the bargains here.

Until then, check out the best of Steam Next Fest’s latest round of delightful demos, or keep yourself busy by diving headfirst into one of the many best free PC games that you can play right now.