Steam’s Cyberpunk Sale knocks down the price of almost 40 sci-fi games

Steam Cyberpunk Sale

For the rest of the week, until Friday, Steam’s going all cyberpunk. Well, it’s hosting a cyberpunk sale, anyway. Just shy of 40 games have been discounted, and while I’m sure there are going to be arguments about whether or not they all fit into the cyberpunk theme, it’s still a cracking selection of games. 

You’ve got your shooters like Far Cry: Blood Dragon and Crysis, adventure games like the moody Gemini Rue and the new Dreamfall Chapters (only the first two episodes have been released, but you’ll getting them all when they come out), and of course the most cyberpunk games on the list, Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

What’s good? Most of them. Since almost everyone should have a copy of Deus Ex by now, I’m going to recommend weird classics Nomad Soul and Anachronox. Nomad Soul is bizarre, fourth-wall breaking, and it kicks off with some Bowie; while Anachronox is a big western RPG with JRPG combat. You can also recruit an entire planet into your party. It’s on our Best RPGs on PC list, too.

The sale will run until 10am PST, March 20th.