Steam’s got 10 free games waiting to swallow up your weekend

Steam free weekend

If you are planning a weekend in, trapped in your home with nothing to do, only the glow of your PC monitor to keep you company, then Steam might have you covered. Covered in free games

From now until 1pm PST on Sunday, 10 games in Steam’s gargantuan library are completely free. If you want to play them afterwards, though, you’ll need to dip into your wallet.

Payday 2, Company of Heroes 2, Awesomenauts, Don’t Starve, Trine 2: The Complete Story, Grid 2, Killing Floor, Blade Symphony, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition have all been stripped off their prices for the weekend, letting anyone take them for a spin.

Conveniently, most of them are pretty wonderful games. It will no doubt be quite tough to pick which ones to play over the next three days if you haven’t already got them in your Steam library, though. With Halloween approaching, I recommend Don’t Starve and Killing Floor.

As well as being free for the weekend, they have all been heavily discounted if you want to keep them. The discounts range from 50 percent off for Injustice to 83 percent off for XCOM.