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New Stellaris spinoff makes the game bitesize, and it’s available now

Stellaris Nexus is officially out, as the bitesize version of the sci-fi 4X game enters early access on Steam after an open beta last week.

Stellaris Nexus Steam release

The bitesize version of Stellaris, which condenses the 4X strategy game into brief one-hour sessions is finally here, as Stellaris Nexus comes out in Steam Early Access. After a weeklong delay to avoid massive The Game Awards announcements and all the trailer talk of GTA 6, you can finally play the spinoff right now.

Stellaris Nexus’ whole deal is condensing down your Stellaris games, so whether alone or with friends, you can successfully get through multiple matches in one evening. The 4X strategy game was released in open beta last week, but now we’re in full early access, and all your saves and data from the beta will carry over, too.

You’ll play turn-based multiplayer with up to five others, and everyone chooses from unique faction leaders that reflect how they want to play. You can even choose between war and diplomacy while taking up the mantle of some of the most iconic Stellaris factions and leaders.

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“We’ve long been big enthusiasts of Paradox’s grand strategy games and have always loved the social experience of tabletop gaming. We strongly believed there was great potential in merging these elements,” game director Adam Doherty says. “We are now thrilled to release the game into early access and to get players’ feedback to polish and elevate this concept even further.”

Stellaris Nexus is live on Steam right now, expect to pay $14.99 / £12.99.

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