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Stellaris Nexus delayed slightly to avoid GTA 6 and The Game Awards

The Stellaris Nexus early access launch date has been delayed, sort of, to get out of the way of GTA 6 and The Game Awards this week.

Stellaris Nexus early access delay: a blue faced alien with golden tubes all over their face

Stellaris Nexus, the bitesize 4X game spinoff of the iconic strategy game, has been (sort of) delayed to avoid the incredibly busy week of GTA 6 and The Game Awards, but there’s still actually a way to play on the original release date.

Stellaris Nexus plans to transform the strategy game of its namesake into a “4X game that respects your time.” To achieve this, publisher Paradox and developer Whatboy Games have confirmed that the game has been ever so slightly delayed.

When I say slight, I really do mean slight, and there’s even a pretty great catch too. Stellaris Nexus has been delayed from Tuesday, December 5 to Tuesday, December 12. It’s not all bad though, as the game comes out on December 5 in Open Beta instead.

Paradox Arc says “The only difference between the Open Beta and the Early Access will be any bugs or issues that we fix between December 5-12,” with no progress wiped between the beta and early access. There will be a wipe between the demo, early versions, and the open beta, but that’s it.

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Paradox Arc has also been pretty upfront about how this incredibly busy videogame news week has impacted the decision. I wouldn’t envy going up against the new GTA 6 trailer and The Game Awards, that’s for sure.

“Everyone’s eyes will be fixed firmly on all the announcements (not only GTA!); speaking honestly, so will ours… videogames are cool, and we’re excited for what’s to come just as everyone else is,” the statement says. “From the perspective of giving our own beloved game the best possible chance at success, though, we have to be smart about it!”

The PC release of Baldur’s Gate 3 was moved forward quite considerably to avoid Starfield, so this type of thing isn’t exactly unheard of this year. Hopefully Stellaris Nexus sees the same response as BG3 did.

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