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Stellaris: Leviathans release date set for October 20, comes with free Heinlein patch

Stellaris Leviathans release date

Stellaris, as an infinite universe, is expanding. Leviathans is the first major paid update to the game, shipping alongside the Heinlein patch that has been explained in a series of blog posts recently. This will bring with it the monstrous creature you see above, along with the War in Heaven event where forgotten civilizations go to war. It all kicks off on October 20.

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As for the free portions, here’s what’s in store for Heinlein:

  • Auto-explore technology.
  • Navy rally points.
  • The Expansion Planner Interface.
  • Strategic Resource changes to make them more interesting.
  • Ship type diversification so each has a role.
  • More options for customizing new galaxies.
  • Buffs to Sector Governor AI.

You can see all the details on Stellaris: Leviathans in our previous post. It will be $9.99 on Steam.