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The biggest space 4X game on Steam is about to get a new expansion

Incredible 4X grand strategy game Stellaris is getting a new technological expansion in The Machine Age, which is now "coming soon."

Stellaris new DLC: Heroes from Steam 4X game Stellaris

Stellaris The Machine Age is a brand new expansion for the incredible 4X space game, as Paradox Interactive announces the next DLC will tackle an age of technological glory beset by ethical and social dilemmas. It comes with a new endgame crisis, individualistic machines, new situations, and three new origins to choose from as well.

The new Stellaris expansion is simply “coming soon” from Paradox, and brings with it a plethora of new ways to play the most beloved of 4X games currently available to play.

You can come up against the synthetic threat directly in a new endgame crisis, or embody the danger yourself in a brand-new crisis path instead. You’ll also find your machine empires to be more individualistic and less gestalt, with three new machine ascension paths, too.

There will also be a bevvy of new machine-related situations, alongside three new origins that we’ve detailed for you below.

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  • Cybernetic Creed: Your empire pursues a divine calling: the holy fusion of the body and cybernetics. Augmentation id worship
  • Synthetic Fertility: Once a thriving society, a novel genetic disease leaves your empire unable to reproduce biologically. Digital salvation seems the only option to avoid extinction
  • Arc Welders: Hailing from a world starved for space, a robotic society turns to the stars for resources

Paradox didn’t mention the new Stellaris subscription for DLC when announcing The Machine Age, but the monthly payments will get you all future expansions going forward, so whenever The Machine Age drops subscribers will almost certainly get it as part of their membership.

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