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The best Stellaris mods: 8 of the galaxy’s finest

One of the best Stellaris mods, the Rick and Morty overhaul

You’ve conquered the galaxy, enslaved more aliens than you know what to do with, and defeated the Fallen Empires – so what are you going to do in Stellaris next? You could start by downloading some of the 2,000 Stellaris mods.

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To get you started, we’ve put together a list of our favourites, the best Stellaris mods, that you can subscribe to now on the Steam Workshop. Want to play as robots? Dominate the galaxy as a Warhammer 40K race? We’ve got you covered.

Civilian Trade

One of the best Stellaris mods, Civilian Trade

One thing that’s missing from vanilla Stellaris is trade routes and ships jumping from system to system, hawking their wares. But thanks to the Civilian Trade mod, you can now watch as independent merchants flit around the galaxy in their own unique trading vessels. Though civilian trade is largely hands-off, it can be influenced by policy and edicts, while the mod comes with a new war goal, a special event and trader-specific techs.

ZBeautiful Battles

Zbeautiful battle, one of the best Stellaris mods

Stellaris’ space battles between massive armadas call to mind EVE Online’s titanic confrontations, but like them, they are also messy and hard to read at a glance. ZBeautiful Battles changes ship collision awareness, preferred attack range, and other values to put more space between vessels, removing the clutter and increasing legibility.

Check out the before and after shots on the Workshop to see the difference.

Complete Colors

One of the best Stellaris mods, Complete Colors

When you pick the primary colour of your empire’s emblem, you’re also choosing the colour of your race’s controlled space. In larger games, you’ll often find other empires using the same colour scheme, which can make it hard to tell where your empire ends and theirs begins. Complete Colors adds over 2048 new colours to the list in an RGB grid, also available to AI empires, making the map easier to read.

Playable Robots

Playable robots, one of the best stellaris mods

Robots can be used as slave labour, given the same rights as organic species, or even rise up against their fleshy masters – but there’s no playable robotic race in Stellaris. We might see them introduced in DLC, but in the meantime there’s only one way to get them in the game: mods. Playable Robots introduces 16 Android races into Stellaris, which can either be treated as purely cosmetic, or as actual synthetics, complete with their own rules and abilities.

Ringworld Start (2.3+)

One of the best stellaris mods, Ringworld

Fallen Empires get all the cool toys. Not only do these AI bullies start with all tech unlocked, they get fancy ringworlds to lord over. It’s hard not to be jealous. Fret no more, however, for you too can now begin your empire’s story from your very own ringworld. Ringworld Start adds four new starting systems, including super ringworlds that contain 12 habitable segments. But no, this doesn’t mean you can take on a Fallen Empire any earlier. They’ll eat you alive.

The Rick and Morty Overhaul

One of the best Stellaris mods, the Rick and Morty overhaul


Rick Sanchez is the hero the galaxy needs, so why not add the Council of Ricks to your game? With this mod you’ll get the Council, the Galactic Federation and the Zigerion Empire, as well as a slew of leader portraits, name lists, Mr. Meeseeks, and new traits. It’s a work in progress, so expect unique pops, more races and traits, and custom tile blockers as the mod grows.

Flexible Core Planet Cap

One of the best stellaris mods, flexible planet cap

If you’re not a fan of the sector system and want to directly control every planet in your empire instead of leaving most of them in the hands of AI governors, then this is the mod you’ve been looking for. With Flexible Core Planet Cap, you’ll start off with the same limit of five as you normally do, but with the mod you’ll be able to select free edicts that increase how many you can control, up to a ridiculous 9995, which seems like too many planets to handle. I won’t tell you how to rule your space empire, though.

40K: Twilight of the Imperium

One of the best stellaris mods, 40k: Twilight of the Imperium

Make your galaxy grimdark with this mod collection. The main mods in Twilight of the Imperium are the Cosmetic Mod – some of the contents can be used separately like portraits and name lists – and 40K Governments. Together, they add all the main 40K factions, some minor races, custom portraits and names, new event art, and government styles like Chaotic Despotism and the Dark Eldar Kabal.

That’s your lot, for now. Let us know what mods you’ve been using in the comments. Got recommendations? We want them!

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