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STRAFE celebrates Kickstarter anniversary with the best trailer you’ve seen this year

STRAFE trailer

STRAFE, which I’ve discovered to my horror we’ve never written about, is old skool, very definitely with a k, pulling and parodying from everything the late 90s did right to create a fast-paced, gory shooter. It hit Kickstarter last year with a fantastic video and the power of nostalgia propelling it to a $200k victory, poking a bit above the $185k that was asked for. Now they’ve returned to celebrate that with … well, it might just be the best trailer of all time.

We’ll gladly put this on the best FPS games ever list if it’s anywhere near as good as its trailers.

There isn’t a lot of gameplay or, actually, anything at all in it, but it’s still quite fantastic:

Has there been a more appropriate soundtrack in the history of man? Has there been a better song? A better use of a rolling demon head? I don’t think so, and I won’t hear word to the contrary. You might have missed their equally weird, if a little on the disturbing side, Kickstarter trailer. If so, boy do I have the embed for you:

It’s all fairly videogames.

Developers PixelTitans are going to be streaming the actual game itself on Twitch tonight at 7pm PST / 3am UTC. As the invite points out, it’ll have a giveaway and an hour of STRAFE being played.

Game should be out towards the end of this year, after getting delayed to get a bit more polished. Hopefully they’ve removed the blowing-up-small-boys-heads glitch.