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Strafe gets four-minute movie to celebrate launch - “God wouldn’t stand a chance”


The hottest shooter of 1996, Strafe, is now out. To celebrate, one of the best games marketing campaigns we’ve seen in recent years reaches its climax with an absurd launch trailer. Sorry, launch ‘four-minute movie’.

But does the game match its hype? Here’s our Strafe review.

The video tells the story of an ambitious gamer who unwisely goes hunting for the most intense game ever made and, well. We’ll let you see what a mistake that turns out to be.

In case you didn’t know, Strafe aims to recapture the fast-paced, gory combat of mid-’90s shooter classics, but it has a few new tricks. For one, it takes a roguelike form: you only have one life, and every time you die, the game procedurally regenerates its terrain, granting supposedly infinite replayability.

“Strafe changes everything you’ve ever known or will know about Strafe,” says Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “It’s the next generation of the last generation and we’re not all that sure gamers will be able to handle that sort of power.”

If you think you’re up to it, Strafe is now available on GOG,Humbleand Steam,where it’s £14.99, or $19.96 (naturally).