Strafe’s first patch makes the game easier and fixes bugs


The nostalgic roguelike shooter Strafe has got its first patch. Generally speaking, the game that threatened to melt your face in its extreme marketing is going easier on you: fall damage is reduced and requires a bigger drop to trigger at all; self-damage has been removed from the primary fire of three of your guns; and enemies should be easier to see and hear.

Intrigued? If you’d like our thoughts before making a purchase, here’s our Strafe review.

Here’s a full rundown of the changes:

  • Increased the height that triggers fall damage
  • Halved the fall damage
  • Increased health in first zone (Icarus)
  • Increased range of FOV (60-120)
  • Fixed issue disallowing certain systems from using all available resolutions
  • Weapon sounds are louder
  • Fixed bug with weapon inventory
  • Fixed problems with level geometry that could cause players to get stuck
  • Fixed bug causing a secret gun to not fire
  • Fixed bug causing secret gun to rarely not appear
  • Raised and lowered the extremes on mouse sensitivity
  • Fixed issues that could cause all enemies to freeze
  • Removed self damage from three of the player’s primary fire (Flak, Rebound, LMG)
  • Fixed volume of music in zone 3 (The Burbs)
  • Adjusted audio mixer to a better balance
  • Adjusted some audio to have better spatialization
  • Fixed bug that stopped some enemies from making their sound effects as intended
  • Glowbrite pursue sounds
  • Turret footsteps have better proximity
  • Carrier footsteps sounds
  • Adjustment to Glutton proximity alert
  • Fixed bug that stopped item descriptions from showing in the merchant
  • Fixed bug that stopped the player from navigating the inventory with the mouse
  • Improved reliability for some minor secret activations
  • Fixed in game achievement tracking from showing the correct achievement

Here’s the announcement on Steam. Developers Pixel Titans say they’re “aiming to have the next one up in a couple days”, so if you’ve had an issue that’s not addressed here, don’t worry; they’re jumping aggressively on those troublesome launch bugs.

Strafe launched this week. You can pick it up on Steamfor £14.99 ($19.96 US).