This Stray backpack turns your cat into a cosplayer

Stray launches July 19, and to celebrate that meow-mentous occasion, you can turn your own feline bud into a cool cosplayer with this new backpack and harness

The cat from Stray wearing its little harness

Stray, the upcoming sci-platformer where you play a lost cat wandering through a dystopian city, launches on July 19, and what better way to mark the occasion than transforming your own furry pal into a stylish, but probably quite confused, feline cosplayer, courtesy of this new tie-in backpack and harness.

Oh yes. Your cat will be the slightly weird-looking envy of the neighbourhood, as they slink their stuff in this brand-new Stray merch. It’s all down to Travel Cat, which has teamed up with developer BlueTwelve to bring videogames and cats, no doubt two of life’s greatest joys, closer together than ever.

We’re going to start with the harness, a direct replica of the one worn by the eponymous stray, which also comes with reflectors and a leash, just in case your cat tries to stroll off to find a sidequest.

I promised myself I wouldn’t use the “purrfect” pun – there must be another way of describing things that are both good and also related to cats – but you can definitely take it as implied.

If in the next 12 months I don’t see lots of Stray cosplayers, dressed as the screen-headed robots from the release-date trailer, walking their cats around with this harness, I’ll be very disappointed, so please don’t let me-ow-down — no, that doesn’t work.

Moving onto the backpack, cats always have a faintly bewildered look on their faces, like they can’t possibly understand why you’re getting so animated, just because they pushed your entire, open bottle of Coke onto the carpet. Well now they’re going to look even more mystified, as you convey them into the outside world in this small, portable bubble home.

This one doesn’t appear directly in Stray, but the colour scheme is nevertheless modelled after the sharp, rain-dripping neons of its sci-fi city. Compact, comfortable, and guaranteed to turn some heads, it’s the ideal way to say “I own a cat, and I also like the videogame Stray.”

Stray launches on July 19, and we’ll be bringing you everything you need to know about it, including guides, reviews, and system requirements.