Loupedeck and Streamlabs Giveaway

We've partnered up with Loupedeck and Streamlabs, two of the leading names in streaming to giveaway a great prize ahead of the holidays.

If you think back to just a decade ago, setting up your stream to show off your gameplay used to be such a massive headache, but companies like Loupedeck have made the process much easier. The hardware and software on offer these days changed everything, giving streamers everything they need to get off the mark without needing to overcomplicate things.

We’ve teamed up with both Loupedeck and Streamlabs to help drastically improve one person’s setup this holiday season. In case you’ve been living under a capture card-sized rock, Loupedeck designed custom consoles and unique software to make the creative process faster and more intuitive. Streamlabs, on the other hand, makes software that makes the complicated task of streaming on websites like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook much easier.

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This grand prize is exclusive to our American readers, sorry to our international pals, this one isn’t for you. We’re giving our American readers the chance to win an amazing package that is practically guaranteed to improve your streaming gear. We have a grand prize of the Loupedeck Live S (worth $189) and a one-year subscription to Streamlabs Ultra (worth $149).

The Loupedeck Live S gives users 15 customizable touch-sensitive buttons equipped with haptic feedback, in addition to four RGB buttons, and two analog dials. This is the ultimate tool for streamers, making it easy to switch scenes, adjust your audio on the fly, and apply macros in a single press of a button. Pair this with the Streamlabs Ultra subscription to gain access to eight applications that can enhance your streaming and content creation experience.

You can increase your odds of winning by spreading the word about this giveaway using the widget below. Learn more about the Loupedeck Live S and Streamlabs Ultra by heading to their product pages.

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