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This new Street Fighter 6 PC hardware knocks it out of the park

Cooler Master has announced a brand new range of PC cases, coolers, chairs, and even PSUs, based on Street Fighter 6 and its iconic lineup of characters.

The Chun Li and Ryu PC cases, part of the Cooler Master and Capcom PC range, on top of an orange background.

Cooler Master and Capcom have teamed up to celebrate the sixth and latest installment of the Street Fighter fighting game series, Street Fighter 6, with a brand-new PC hardware range. Whether you’re a casual fan, or a hardened fighting game expert, this Street Fighter 6 PC hardware range will be the perfect addition to any Capcom or Street Fighter fan’s PC gaming setup.

This brand-new hardware range understands fully that every fighting game fan takes the character they play very seriously. Whether Chun-Li, Ryu, Blanka, or newcomer Luke, is your preferred fighter, each character has their own delightfully themed pieces, each based on core details found within their SF6 iterations.

When it comes to the spinning-bird-kick queen herself, Chun Li’s SF6 appearance has been transferred to a series of amazing-looking peripherals. While there’s no graphics card to speak of, you can pick up a Chun Li MasterLiquid 360L Core AIO cooler with a new Gen S Pump and expanded radiator surface area, along with a Cooler Master RD500 Mesh VS PC case in which to keep it.

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Cooler Master also provides a Caliber X2 ergonomic gaming chair, CK570 keyboard with Cherry mechanical switches, MM310 GRB gaming mouse, and a CH441 headset, all featuring the same blue and white color scheme.

If Street Fighter staple Ryu is more your style, Cooler Master has you covered. Along with his own TD500 MEsh V2 PC case, and Caliber X3 gaming chair, a Hyper 212 Halo² fan has also been given a Ryu coat of paint. The Halo² features white-coated heat pipes, a compact 154mm wide chassis, and a top cover featuring a design worthy of the Hadoken-using fighter himself.

While Chun Li and Ryu are the standouts in this range, Street Fighter 6 newcomer Luke also has his own MasterLiquid 360L Core AIO cooler, and matching gaming chair. Even electric goblin Blanka hasn’t been forgotten, being featured on his own custom edition PSU, with a 90-degree 12VHPWR cable.

Cooler Master says that its Street Fighter 6 hardware is “coming soon”. Until then, we can only admire some of the most impressively themed pieces of hardware we’ve ever laid our eyes on. You can sign up for the Cooler Master mailing list, to keep up to date with the release of the full Street Fighter 6 PC hardware range.

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