Street Fighter 5 opening cinematic and Machinima series debut at Capcom Cup


Just after the closing ceremony of Street Fighter’s end-of-year championship at Capcom Cup, the ever-heroic Yoshinori Ono arrived on stage, small Blanka doll in hand, to announce Street Fighter Resurrection and debut the opening cinematic for Street Fighter V. Resurrection will be a web-series of videos made by the same team behind Assassin’s Fist, a previous Street Fighter web-series. It will prominently feature Nash, the seemingly stitched together form of Charlie who first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha.

Capcom also finished the initial Street Fighter V character list this weekend with F.A.N.G.

Here’s the trailer for the series:

“Awful” would be a strong word for how it looks, the costuming and make-up is certainly on-point, silly poses and all, but I don’t have a lot of faith in it being a masterpiece of film-making. I’d assume that it ties in with the expanded plans for storyline within Street Fighter 5 that Ono mentioned during a fantastic future of fighting games panel at Playstation Experience.

He also revealed the opening cinematic for the game, which I was extremely excited about until it was only thirty seconds long. Here it is appended to a preview of every character, from Capcom’s Japanese YouTube channel.

There’s actually some new footage in there, for example of Dhalsim beating up on F.A.N.G. – how long will it be until I can’t be bothered to type that with the dots any more? Stay tuned to PCGamesN to find out! – and characters having their Japanese names. While digging it out, I also grabbed this video of the pre-order skins that are coming with the game, including Hot Ryu, Forgot Her Clothes Chun-Li and Sweet-Ass Bison:

Those might not be the official names.

To round it all off, a post on the official Capcom Unity blog details the Season Pass, the characters it will give access to and the League of Legends-style purchase of in-game currency that the game will launch with, for grabbing new costumes and so on. The data-mined set of characters in Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Urienwere confirmed and will set you back$29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99 for the season pass, which also comes with additional goodies. They’ll be sold seperately for 600 Zenny which works out at about $6 each, making it a pretty good deal. You’ll also be able to get them with Fight Money, the currency that is earned through in-game play. Videogame economics in the year of our Gabe 2016.