Street Fighter 5’s first DLC character will be bare-chested New York grappler Alex

Alex Street Fighter 5

Capcom have announced that the first of Street Fighter V’s DLC characters, released in March, will be Alex, originally of Street Fighter 3. He’ll be launching with the release of the Street Fighter in-game store, purchasable through Fight Money, the in-game currency won for doing everything from playing online matches to doing the single-player stories. Capcom say you should have enough to pick him up by the time he releases “through normal play”, though haven’t given exact numbers for anything.

Alex and co creep ever close in our list of most anticipated upcoming PC games. It’s next week.

The announcement was made on Twitter via the official account, though an exact date wasn’t given. They also followed it up by saying that fight sticks that worked with Playstation 3 consoles would be working with Street Fighter V, delighting a fair few thousand who thought they’d need to cash out again.

Alex will be joined by his fellow DLC compatriots at various points throughout 2016. Chances are Capcom will want the whole lot out a while before Capcom Cup in December, so they can issue a final balancing pass before their big blowout show and everyone can get acquainted. Still to come are Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Urien. That order is how they were presented in the original reveal, with Alex at the front. Guile being next would make sense as he’s clearly featured in the upcoming Street Fighter 5 story mode. Bad news for Urien fans (me) then, if that order is to be followed.

If you don’t think you’ll be playing enough to get the characters as they come out, as well as leaving me with the question as to why you therefore feel you need them, you can also grab the year one season pass. There’s a bundle of it and the base game available, naturally, but it doesn’t actually save you any money to pre-order. Probably best to see how Alex and the rest look before deciding to cash out.