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The latest addition to the Street Fighter V roster is a new guy called Rashid


We are now 11 characters into Capcom’s dripfeed of character videos for Street Fighter V. The latest video shows off the second new character so far revealed and he calls himself Rashid ‘of the turbulent wind’, which makes him sound like he has a really bad flatulence problem.

Now I’m imagining what his specials are and there’s no way they’re going to be as incredible as the mental images in my mind right now.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Sigh, it seems like he’ll be harnessing the power of tornadoes and not the after effects of an ‘all you can eat’ Indian buffet after all. And now I want an ‘all you can eat’ Indian buffet. Thanks, brain.

Anyway, Rashid appears to have an interesting fighting style, moving at the speed of the wind, jumping over Ryu, rolling under fireballs and finishing him off in speedy, impressive fashion.

If nothing else, beating your opponent will at least enable you to whisper “I wind” down the microphone. If you ever do this, give yourself a thousand pats on the back for being such a hero.

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