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Tarkov and Battlefield face serious rival as new FPS launches playtest

Striden, a new FPS that combines that gunplay and destruction of Battlefield with the quests and scavenging of Tarkov has a new playtest.

Striden Steam FPS game: A tired soldier from Tarkov and Battlefield style Steam FPS game Striden

Sure, scavenging equipment and supplies in Tarkov is tense, and the gunplay in Battlefield is frenetic, but does either game let you turn into a radioactive bear? They don’t, and that’s why Striden is a serious rival to these two shooters. Set during the Cold War in the Scandinavian Peninsula, this extraction FPS combines the best of its inspirations and adds its own animal twist.

In Striden, you and three opposing teams must fight to be the first to collect 15,000 points and call in the extraction chopper. Completing side quests and objectives will net you the points you need. The FPS game doesn’t make it easy for you, though. You’ll have to secure a base to build a radio transmitter and then venture out into the frigid wilderness to gather its parts, scattered during air drops that your foes will no doubt be fighting over, too.

Just like in Tarkov, you’ll search for loot to upgrade your gear, equipment to better prepare you for combat, and food to give you buffs that help you get an edge over the competition. You’ll also have to build up defenses to secure a stronghold where you’ll repair your radio transmitter. There are also five classes to choose from that feel very Battlefield: assault, engineer, medic, scout, and support.

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So far, so normal. The twist in Striden is in its powerspike system. “The bond between humans and animals has always been strong in Scandinavia,” the game’s developer 5 Fortress explains, and you’ll take full advantage of this by being able to transform into a rampaging, radioactive bear or a moose-drawn tank cart. Let’s see if your opponents defenses can handle that.

If this sounds like your sort of game or you’d just like to give it a try, you can sign up for the playtest right here. You could also check out another Tarkov rival, Exfil.

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