Strider trailer shows ninjas doing what ninjas do best: fight robots

Strider Capcom Double Helix

Back in July we learned of Capcom’s plans to reboot its Strider series and, by golly, they’re intent on continuing. The latest trailer comes hot out of New York’s Comic Con event and it shows the titular main character Strider making short work of robots and other sorts of evilness.

Also, a robot snake dragon thing.

Did you see it? The robot snake dragon thing. It looks blooming massive. With any luck it’ll pass right on by and leave you to your own devices. Though, knowing game developers, you’ll probably have to take it into an arena and go four rounds with Mr Kipling, so to speak.

While in many senses Strider looks like a pretty generic games, little nuggets that have been coming out in interviews show the team are working to go against old conventions. For instance, while “a lot of games of this type, when they start you’re fully powered, and then a couple minutes in they take all your powers away and you have to find them,” senior producer Andrew Szymanski told Game Informer. “We didn’t want to do that. We wanted to have him be fully badass in the beginning and have him get more badass as the game goes on. So you can do everything that you could do in the old games from the opening moment, and then it just goes over the top from there.”

It’s a small thing but I appreciate the team realise it’s not fun to go from strong to weak only having to then earn or your abilities back.

Hopefully thinking like that goes throughout the game.

Strider is due out in 2014.