We’ve got five codes for Stronghold Crusader 2’s Special Edition. Would you like one?

Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold has long been a refuge for Age of Empires players tired of being accused of turtling – somewhere to go to build palisades without persecution. Firefly perfected the formula twelve years ago, and are just now returning to medieval Syria for Crusader 2 – replete with physics-enabled castle crumbling and a new 3D engine.

The game’s out on Steam tomorrow, and we’d like to give five of you a code – if you’ll answer us a question.

The question is this: if you had to design a defence feature for your castle, what would it do? And, more pertinently, what would you call it?

Answers in the comments, please, and we’ll be in touch with the inventors of the five most entertaining and effective siege deterrents. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve given us an email address in your site profile, or we won’t know where to send the code and will be sad.

Crusader II’s Special Edition comes with a digital art book, soundtrack, and bonus copy of the recently remastered Stronghold Crusader 1 on Steam.

The new game pours boiling oil on the heads of the RTS and city-builder genres until the two become one amalgamated fleshy blob. Its campaigns will cast you as either Richard the Lionheart or the Sultan of Syria, and distribute dynamic events with abandon. Don’t be surprised if your desert economy is thrown out of whack by a swarm of locusts.

So: answers below, please. We’re looking for the perfecting meeting of form, function and fiery death.