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Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is live! Watch Doom, Prey, and Resident Evil 4 speedruns right here

summer games done quick 2018

Update: June 24th, 2018: Summer Games Done Quick 18 is now underway! You can catch the action in the viewer below, or head over to Twitch.tv/gamesdonequick.

It’s summer and – in good ol’ Blighty, at least – we’re finally getting the briefest glimpse of sunlight that manages to force its way through our obstinate grey clouds. In other words, it’s the perfect time of year to stay inside and watch gamers take their favourite titles and romp to the credits as quick as they possibly can. 

Yes, Summer Games Done Quick is back, and you can watch an army of speedrunners complete the finest PC games again in extra quick time for charity. This summer, money is being raised the same charity as SGDQ 2017, Doctors Without Borders, and will top up the $14 million raised by the initiative to date. 

Get some speedrunning practice in yourself, and our list of the best PC games is the place to start.

Among the stellar PC titles in the SGDQ schedule are Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Undertale, and Resident Evil 4, and the event runs all week from the pre-show at Sunday, June 24 (5:30pm BST / 9:30am /12:30pm EDT) to the Sunday, July 1st finale.

We have taken the liberty of embedding the SGDQ 2018 Twitch stream above, and you can donate to the event’s supported charity through Twitch and SGDQ’s official website.