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Sunday Sales - 28th October: Assault on Dark Athena and Conquest of Elysium on sale and well worth your time


There’s a lot of good sales every weekend, and there are a lot of sites like CAG and SavyGamer that do a good job keeping you abreast of all the big sales. I thought we might do something a little different here at PCGamesN, and highlight some deals that deserve some special attention, either because it’s a great game at a bargain price, or because it’s something you may not have heard about yet.

I was a little concerned when I saw GOG’s Viking Games sale, thinking for a moment that it was going to be nothing but games about dragon ships, beards, and battleaxes. Fortunately, they meant games from the Scandinavian games industry, and while there are many great games on that list, my favorite deal of this weekend is probably Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

The real prize in Dark Athena, of course, is that it comes with the original Starbreezegame, Escape from Butcher Bay. It’s a cult masterpiece, expertly blending stealth, gunplay, and world-building. I’ve always suspected the Riddick games never quite get their due because they were tied an unsuccessful B-movie science fiction franchise, but the games themselves are vintage Starbreeze. For $7.50 and with no DRM, this seems like a great pickup, and a fantastic way to close out the weekend.

Also, if you don’t have The Longest Journey, it’s $5 and is one of the greatest adventure games ever made, with some terrific writing. You’ll find it on sale for this price fairly regularly, but let’s be clear: at some point, you should give it a try.

One other release caught my eye: Conquest of Elysium 3 on Steam for $9. While I never had time to play it, my Three Moves Ahead partner and strategy blogger Troy Goodfellow rates it very highly, explaining that it’s a “strategy roguelike”. When we did an episode of Three Moves Ahead on it, panelists Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk were similarlyenthusiastic So for you strategy fans, this is a good chance to pick up a strong indie strategy game at a slight discount.

If you feel there are any salesI havecriminally, unconscionably overlooked, please call attention to them in the comments.