Sunless Sea’s underwater expansion Zubmariner gets October 11 release date

Zubmariner release date

Sailing the seas, visiting ports and making agonising decisions is all well and good, but wouldn’t it be more fun underwater? Maybe. Either way we’ll know for sure on 11 October when the first expansion for the roguelike exploration game is launched, bringing with it submerged civilizations, new sea creatures and of course a submarine, hence Zubmariner.

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With a naming convention that channels some hefty Zissou/Cousteau vibes, Zubmariner adds zee-beasts, shipwrecks and flora for players to uncover during their adventures through the Unterzee. Players can dive at any stage, transforming their ship into a zubmarine and plonking them on the seafloor.

Zubmariner release date

Failbetter CEO Paul Arendt spoke about the expansion’s new features in a press release. “Below the water, you’re limited by oxygen and the reach of your sonar. You can use sonar to highlight items of interest around you, but they may not be friendly. The zee-­beasts you’re used to on the surface have little on the horrors of their underwater friends, including at least one new enemy who is as powerful as Mt Nomad.”

Zubmariner will be free for anyone who bought the game during Early Access, if you’re not one of those people you’ll be able to buy it for $10.99 from GoG, Humble and Steam on 11 October, 2016.

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