Sunset Overdrive could be coming to PC

Sunset Overdrive PC

Sunset Overdrive could be coming to PC, after years as an Xbox One exclusive. The colourful, fast-paced shooter was first revealed at E3 2013, and released exclusively for Microsoft’s platform in October 2014. Now, however, a rating for something called Sunset Overdrive PC has appeared on the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee’s website.

There is, unfortunately, very little information to go on. All we know is that the game’s name (as submitted to the Agency) is Sunset Overdrive PC, and that it was classified earlier today. Neither developer Insomniac Games nor Microsoft has announced anything to do with a PC version of the game.

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It’d be an odd time for Insomniac to announce that it’s working on a PC version – the company is currently developing PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is due out later this year. It could be that Insomniac – which has been heavily involved with Sony rather than Microsoft over the past few years – has passed on the IP to an external team.

In September 2016, Insomniac tweeted that it would “love” Sunset Overdrive to come to PC, but “it’s up to Xbox on that one.” It seems odd that Microsoft would relinquish one of the Xbox’s few console exclusives, although it has been over three years since release now, so it’s at least possible. We’ve reached out to Insomniac for comment on the new ratingand will update this story when we learn more.

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