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Stardew Valley meets Cuphead in this high-octane farming game

Super Farming Boy is a mix of Stardew Valley style farming game and high-speed action with boss fights, adorable characters, and animation.

Super Farming Boy is a new indie game mixing Stardew Valley with Cuphead - A giant, smiling mother looks down at the green-suited Super, who sleeps peacefully on a mushroom.

Stardew Valley is perhaps the pinnacle of farming games. Building on the likes of Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing, it transforms the hard graft of working the land, growing crops, and raising livestock into one of the most relaxing, cozy games on PC. While it retains a similarly charming aesthetic, Super Farming Boy is perhaps the complete antithesis of the Stardew vibe. This fast-paced puzzle action game infuses the farming genre with all the speed and style of games like Cuphead and Super Meat Boy, and it’s coming to Steam soon.

In Super Farming Boy, you are the tool. That’s not me being rude; rather your character is a super-powered force of agriculture that can transform into everything from a shovel and a hammer to a watering can, a pickaxe, and even more. When your beloved mom and friends are captured by the evil Korpo, who then traps you into working on your own land for his benefit, you’ll have to do your best to win back your freedom.

Unlike traditional farming games, in Super Farming Boy harvesting crops is all about setting up chain reactions and combos. All the fruit, vegetables, plants, and so on that you’ll grow have specific effects when harvested, which can help you combo-collect various goods at once along with allowing you to transform the environment and fight off troublesome foes.

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Seasons in Super Farming Boy are also unlike anything you’ll have seen in the likes of Stardew. Instead of sorting out your crops for spring and winter, here you’ll have to plan for the radioactive season, the time warp season, the volcanic season, and even the underwater season. You’ll unlock additional supertools and powers as you go by collecting classic-style superhero trading cards, and as you rescue your pets you’ll be able to employ them to automate various aspects of your farm.

Super Farming Boy is set to launch soon via Steam and the Epic Games Store in early access. You can head over to its page now to add it to your Steam wishlist and keep track of when it becomes available. Developer LemonChili Soft notes that while you can play using traditional controls, it’s also developed Super Farming Boy to work seamlessly with touch controls, if you’re playing on a device that supports it (such as the Steam Deck).

I’m certainly looking forward to getting my hands on Super Farming Boy when it arrives. In the meantime you’ll find plenty more of the best indie games on PC to keep you busy. We’ve even rounded up all the coziest and best relaxing games on Steam, if you’re feeling like all this action is a bit much for one day.

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