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Amazing, 94% positive PC classic is yours for less than $3

The incredibly difficult ‘Dark Souls of platformers’, Super Meat Boy, is on one of its biggest sales ever, if you can handle the pain.

Super Meat Boy is one of the most popular and successful indie games of all time, and you can grab it right now for less than the price of a coffee. While Super Meat Boy does not hold your hand, and expects you to knuckle down, learn the level design, and play at your absolute best to avoid watching Meat Boy explode over and over, there are few games quite as satisfying to get through. Plus, it paved the way for other fantastic, difficult indie platformers like Celeste, making it an important part of platforming history.

Super Meat Boy initially appears to be just like any other indie game platformer, controlling a colorful character as they run and jump through a variety of worlds. That is, until you start to die. A lot. There’s a reason it’s often compared to Miyazaki’s Souls titles.

While some view this as a negative, the difficulty of Team Meat’s platformer is an important part of its charm, as it’s precisely the pain of getting through each level that grants seeing that ‘Level Complete!’ screen its incredible catharsis. Don’t be put off by its difficulty; Super Meat Boy is one of those indie games you absolutely have to play, especially at such a reduced price.

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Thanks to a Steam Daily Deal, the speedrun-centric ultra-punishing indie game is available for a massive 80% off, down to just $2.73 / £2.19. But act quick, as the sale lasts just until Monday April 22.

In addition to the original game, its sequel Super Meat Boy Forever is also on an 80% sale down to $3.86 / £3.09, making this the perfect time to get stuck into the meat and suffer alongside Meat Boy.

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