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Super People beta players could net $75k (yes, you read that right)

Super People beta tests are drawing to a close, and to celebrate their last public huzzah Wonder People are offering $75k to those who topple titans in the BR

super people beta tournament offers $75k to winner woman with brown hair stands with gun against SP logo

Beta tests are the perfect way to get to know your class in Super People, but have you honed your skills enough to net $75k? The last beta test for Wonder People’s upcoming battle royale game is accompanied by in-game tournaments that, if you win, could truly change your life.

Akin to Respawn’s Apex Legends, Super People thrusts players into a fight to the death, allowing them to play as powerful heroes and villains in an attempt to etch their name into the history books.

Having already gone through multiple beta tests, the game has already attracted over 4 million players, making it a real contender within a sphere largely dominated by the aforementioned Apex, alongside Fortnite, and laterally, Warzone.

To celebrate the final Super People beta, however, Wonder People are hosting the Super Tournament, where you and your squad can net $75k if you beat out the competition. Sound like the perfect Friday night? Here’s everything you need to know.

Super People beta has tournament with $75k up for grabs

Super People beta tournament info

The Super Tournament will run from August 17 – 31, and any player can compete for the first three days – after that you’ll need to be level 7. You will also need to compete as part of of a duo (not that $37.5k is a bad deal).

There are qualifiers, group stages, and then the finals. Teams will earn seeding points during their matches that will go on to determine whether or not they make it to the grand finale.

The regions that can compete are listed below (yours will be listed on the bottom right of the game lobby), as well as the times the tournament is active between. Of course, these are subject to change:

Asia 4AM – 7:40AM 7AM – 10:40AM 12PM – 3:40PM 1PM – 4:40PM 8PM – 11:40PM
Europe 11AM – 2:40PM 2PM – 5:40PM 7PM – 10:40PM 8PM – 11:40PM 3AM – 6:40AM
North America 5PM – 8:40PM 8PM – 11:40PM 1AM – 4:40AM 2AM – 5:40AM 9AM – 12:40PM
Latin America 4PM – 7:40PM 7PM – 10:40PM 12AM – 9:40PM 1AM – 4:40AM 8AM – 11:40PM
SEA 5AM – 8:40PM 8AM – 11:40AM 1PM – 4:40PM 2PM – 5:40PM 9PM – 12:40AM

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills in order to steal the top spot (and the cash, of course) for yourself, be sure to check out our rundown of the best Super People classes and abilities to get yourself a head start.