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All the best Super People classes and abilities

All the Super People classes in the battle royale game and how to best use their unique abilities, weapons, and perks in order to win

Four Super People classes wielding different weapons, preparing for battle

Looking for all the Super People classes, abilities, and perks? When you load into a lobby you’re automatically assigned one of the 12 classes in the battle royale and must pay gold in order to change it. Each class in Super People has its own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to change up your style of play to best suit whoever you’re assigned to.

Even if you leave the lobby, you’ll keep the same class next round, so there’s no escaping your least favourite class for free – but if you can’t change it, you might as well learn how to use it. Each Super People class comes with an ultimate skill, a set of perks, and a specialised weapon. The specialised weapon is randomly assigned each game, but will always be appropriate for your class.

As you level up throughout each match, you unlock perks at random – though you can consume coloured skill capsules to unlock a random perk of the same colour – and eventually, gain access to your ultimate ability at level ten. If you survive that long, of course. The Super People classes are:

Gatling Soldier

Ultimate: Spitfire – Increases the magazine capacity of the Gatling Gun. The explosive rounds create an area of flames. Your defence temporarily increases while firing the Gatling Gun.

The Gatling Soldier is a high-firepower class that can wade into the midst of battle and unleash havoc on enemies. As you’d expect from the name, the class comes with a powerful Gatling Gun which is upgraded when the class’s ultimate is unlocked.

Using perks, the Gatling Soldier can also see the trajectory of bullets, deal increased damage for five seconds after being hit, and unlock a ‘magazine extension’ that gives your AR & Gatling Gun increased capacity. When this is used in combination with an extended mag, reloading becomes a distant memory. There are also a few mobility perks to help you get around; a tactical slide (C) and tactical dodge roll (G). After performing a dodge roll, you receive a temporary health boost.

Shotgun Master

Ultimate: Tank Shotgun – Each SG round becomes as lethal as a tank.

The Shotgun Master specialises in getting up close and personal with shotguns, with an emphasis on extreme mobility skills to take your foes by surprise. In addition to increased fire rate and reload speed for your shotgun, the class also includes a second, randomly assigned bonus perk for another weapon, just in case the shotgun doesn’t fit every scenario you find yourself in.

To help you go toe-to-toe with an enemy, the Shotgun Master gets a HP boost granted by the ‘physical training’ perk and unlocks an assault rifle resistance perk to better withstand enemy fire. The knockback perk pushes enemies away when you land a hit, and your upgraded flashbangs turn into impact grenades with a knockback effect.

The most fun perk, however, is undoubtedly the Shotgun Master’s super jump, which allows you to leap several stories at once. The jump training perk increases your accuracy while shooting in the air, and can be further upgraded to buff your landings.

Strike Force

Ultimate: Dash – 200% movement speed for five seconds.

The Strike Force class is all about mobility, using its ultimate and tactical slide perk to traverse the map quickly. It also has plenty of defensive abilities; the bulletproof shield perk protects you with a shield instantly upon being hit, and you also receive reduced damage from long range attacks.

You can withstand falling from any height using the ‘air walk’ perk, which grants more accurate jump shooting when upgraded, and the ‘mobile assault’ perk increases your damage and defence while running; to complement this, ‘Shoot ‘n Run’ enables you to move faster while aiming. The class boosts your damage while using submachine guns, and the rapid fire perk increases fire rate and magazine capacity. You can also unlock lacerating rounds which inflict a bleeding effect to enemies.

Four Super People classes preparing for battle


Ultimate: Deadeye – +50% damage for a SR/DMR round fired once every ten seconds. Increases SR/DMR reload speed and rate of fire.

The Sniper class helps you spot enemies from afar and take them down before they ever notice you. Using perks, you deal increased damage with sniper rifles, and additional damage while aiming down sights. When unlocked, the Amplifier in Slot 4 helps you find enemies in the immediate vicinity.

To help you stay hidden, you can unlock a half ghillie suit, reduce your footstep noise, and increase your movement speed while crawling or crouching. Using upgraded flashbangs, you can set traps that automatically detonate when enemies are nearby. Elegant skill shots are wonderful, but if the situation calls for it, the Sniper can also call down a precision airstrike in a small radius.


Ultimate: Quick Slide – Do three quick slides for eight seconds.

The Seeker is another movement-focused class that specialises in hunting down foes while remaining unseen. The ‘landing zone scan’ perk enables you to detect enemies that have landed near you in the first five minutes, and the Seeker also has access to a heartbeat sensor, allowing you to see where enemies are – even through walls. You can also track projectiles, and use a skill to locate the enemy closest to you within a short radius.

You deal more damage while taking cover behind trees or in rocky areas, and leaning out from cover is also buffed by the ‘cover fire’ perk. Molotov Cocktails can be upgraded into traps, and you also deal additional damage while closer to the Ice Storm, so this class lends itself to sneaking around behind cover and picking people off.

The Super People Gas Soldier class, holding a flamethrower

Gas Soldier

Ultimate: Fireball – Launch a powerful ball of fire with your flamethrower.

The Gas Soldier specialises in igniting toxic fumes to flush enemies out of hiding spots. Worryingly, the Gas Soldier can drink fuel to gain a temporary health and damage boost. Please do not attempt to replicate this yourself. The class also has a muzzle flash detection skill, and can unlock chemical rounds, dealing damage in a small radius around the target and disrupting their health restoration. There’s also a terrain-based damage boost perk – the affected terrain is randomly selected each match.

The Gas Soldier has an improved molotov cocktail range, and an upgraded smoke grenade that unleashes toxic smoke that deals damage to enemies over time – and even heals you as you stand in it, while you have the ‘gas mask’ perk. Fortunately, this noxious cloud doesn’t damage your teammates. The class has a tactical slide skill, too.


Ultimate: Fog of War – Create a barrier of fog around you to hide from your enemies.

The Marine class specialises in amphibious combat, earning a damage boost and quieter movement while in water or the class’ ultimate skill, Fog of War. You can also go prone and crouch to hide in the shallows, run in shallow water, and swim faster and for longer. The fully upgraded ‘amphibious assault’ perk gives you increased health and movement speed after emerging from the water. There’s also an unlockable water Ghillie suit to help you slither around stealthily.

You deal additional damage while firing upwards after unlocking the ‘anti-air fire’ perk, and can attach C4 to walls and deal damage through obstacles. You deal extra damage while using a silencer, and use consumables and revive your allies extremely quickly.


Ultimate: Teleport – Teleport to a specific location within a certain range.

The Teleporter uses their teleportation powers to relocate across the battlefield and attack enemies from unexpected angles. This class also specialises in long-range combat, so instead of using the teleport to push, consider using it to set up shots and evade enemy retaliation if your location is given away.

You receive less headshot damage with the ‘headstrong’ perk, and receive less damage from the front while aiming at 2x zoom or higher. The ‘evasive action’ perk increases your movement speed and health upon being hit, and you can also unlock additional movement speed when crouching or crawling.

Using your weapon in single-fire mode gives you reduced recoil and additional damage. The Teleporter can also unlock a throwable Tomahawk, use consumables quickly, and support allies by recovering them faster and granting them a temporary health boost after consuming an energy bar.

Two Super People classes back to back, firing at enemies


Ultimate: Blackout – Create a dome-shaped field barrier that instantly blocks your enemies’ sight.

The SWAT class specialises in pushing into buildings and eliminating enemies indoors. Perks allow you to deal additional damage when hit and while indoors, and receive less damage from close range fire and shotguns. You can also unlock improved accuracy while hip and shoulder firing, fire rate, and reload speed.

The ‘breach door’ perk gives the SWAT class the ability to break down doors and windows and automatically deploy a smoke screen that damages anyone in the room, with additional movement speed, damage, and health buffs when fully upgraded. The fully upgraded ‘urban warfare’ perk helps you run up stairs and ladders faster, too.

Firearms Expert

Ultimate: Forcefield – Instantly slows down all enemies within a certain range. Only the caster’s movement speed is unaffected.

The Firearms Expert is a master of all guns, and your perks give you improved weapon switch and ADS speed. You gain additional movement speed while aiming, and will spend less time reloading with the ‘tactical reload’ perk that reduces reload speed for specialised weapons and increases magazine capacity. If you equip two weapons of the same class, the ‘mix ‘n match’ perk grants you a decent damage buff.

In the event you get caught by an enemy sharpshooter, the ‘headshot evasion’ perk reduces headshot damage by 90%, even saving you from the Sniper’s deadeye perk. However, this skill is on a substantial cooldown, even when fully upgraded. With the ‘bullet tracer’ perk, though, you may be able to figure out where you’ve been hit from. After you obtain cover, the ‘cover fire’ perk gives you an increase in leaning angle and speed and defense while leaning.

The Super People Nuclear class and Gatling Gun class


Ultimate: Tactical Nuke – Launches a tactical nuke that damages all enemies in the targeted area.

If you like explosions – and who doesn’t – the Nuclear class will suit you well. The nuke is the star of the show as it’s so powerful, but there are several useful perks to upgrade – your molotov cocktails can be upgraded into a fire wall, and you also have an RPG in your fourth slot, which you can use on a long cooldown. You deal additional damage while taking cover in a randomly assigned terrain type, and you also ‘weave’ automatically while standing or crouching, becoming harder to hit.

When fully upgraded, the ‘point shooting’ perk increases your accuracy and damage while hip and shoulder firing. Energy bars also cause you to recover health over time, and your ‘spatial awareness’ perk helps you detect nearby gunfire. You can also receive a movement speed buff while moving empty handed.


Ultimate: Monster Truck – Summons a monster truck with exceptional durability with the Gold Smart Key.

Based on a real human being rather than a superhuman archetype, the Driver has the most utility when used in a team, as the majority of your perks enhance your combat skills while driving, granting you additional damage and defense, and bulletproof glass to protect your passengers.

You can press G while driving to activate a nitro boost, and with a fully upgraded ‘nitro’ perk, you can also detonate your vehicle after dismounting. Fortunately, the ‘explosion resistance’ perk helps you mitigate damage from all explosions.

No need to wait for your ultimate before hopping behind the wheel; the ‘smart key’ perk can summon a nearby unattended vehicle at will. There’s also a ‘smart detector’ perk to locate nearby vehicles. Aiming while driving is difficult, so the ‘smart bullet’ perk helps your bullets curve to hit the enemy, and the ‘mounted combat’ perk gives you an accuracy and damage buff when shooting from a vehicle.

That’s everything you need to know about Super People classes. If you’re a FPS aficionado, take a look at our list of the best FPS games on PC, or for other multiplayer games, this guide has everything you need.