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Super Seducer 2 releases later this year, features giant trash panda

Super Seducer 2

Super Seducer 2, a sequel to the FMV “seduction simulator” is set to release in September. A Steam page for the game, which launched today, confirms that it will release this autumn, providing access to “all new levels of realism.”

If you either don’t remember Super Seducer (or blocked it from your mind) the level of realism on show in the first game offered players the opportunity to pretend to be blind in order to grope a woman in an attempt to get her number. That level of misogyny is tied in with some very questionable acting from self-described “renowned seduction guru” Richard La Ruina.

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If you thought things couldn’t get any worse after the original Super Seducer, then I’d brace yourself before reading into the scenarios you can explore in the second game. They include working out how to woo strippers, your secretary, a supermodel, and, (presumably) most terrifyingly of all, a feminist with muscly male friends. If all that wasn’t enough, the Steam page definitely toes what’s definitely a close line to open racism, with a level considering the difficulties faced by a man of asian heritage on a date with a white woman.

I’ll let you check out the Steam page, which suggests you’ll have access to “unparalleled insight into the female mind” and advice from “top dating experts from around the world,” for yourself.

If you want a better idea than I can ever offer you through the medium of text about how this game actually plays out, I highly recommend YouTuber Dunkey’s take on proceedings in the video above.

There is some hope for Super Seducer 2, the Steam page features an image of Ruina lovingly cradling a raccoon, presumably recognising his methods of seduction lean on the creepy and harassing, and opting instead to take up a life of isolation, accompanied only by a very large trash panda. At least, that’s how I’m reading it.