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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is migrating from GFWL to Steam, absent all DLC

Street Fighter IV GFWL

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was one of the many titles blighted with GFWL. It was also one of the many games hit by the platform’s all too late closure, leaving players wondering if it had a future on PC. 

The unfortunate answer to that question has now been answered: it’ll be making the move to Steam, but without its DLC, premium or free. 

Capcom revealed the transition plans for the fighting game on its website, explaining that it was looking to transfer users over to Steamworks since Ultra Street Fighter IV is also about to hit steam. 

The transition takes place on May 30th, and what players will need to do depends on their version of the game. Two brief guides explains the process for those who purchased the game on Steam, and those who used the now defunct GFWL marketplace. 

It’s not until the very end, without explanation or apology, it is revealed that no paid for or free DLC will transfer over. That’s the end of the post. A bit of a bombshell, really. 

Street Fighter IV didn’t exactly have a dearth of DLC, and presumably that’s now utterly useless. 

The lack of clarity is undoubtedly frustrating to players who must now be wondering if they’ve wasted their money. Will there be a way for them to claim the DLC on Steam? At least a discount, maybe? In the case of BioShock 2, when it left GFWL, everyone got a free copy of the Minerva’s Den DLC, even if they had never purchased it. 

And if there are no alternatives, and players are left without their DLC, then it does start to make digital content seem temporary and out of our control. 

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unwanted avatarGrgoljblaster avatar
unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

Still banking on that DLC. Did they forget they have a new Ultimate Super Hyper Street Fighter IV Turbo Arcade Mega edition coming out soon.

Grgoljblaster Avatar
Grgoljblaster(2 days 7 hours played)
3 Years ago

They updated their press release with this: Unfortunately, both paid and free DLC for the GFWL version will not be transferred over in this process, but Steam should not be affected.

Which is very good as most of us bought DLCs over Steam.