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Surgeon Simulator 2 is free-to-keep for NHS workers right now

NHS workers - you've got until October 22 to grab a free copy of Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 developer Bossa Studios has an exciting announcement for those that work for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS for short): it’s offering a copy of the quirky surgery sim for the ultimate low cost of zero pennies to all workers that have an active NHS email address. This is all part of a very serious and not at all silly “NHS: National Handout of Surgeon Simulator initiative – or NHSNHSS for short”.

The generous offer, announced by Bossa in a press release, is currently available and will be so until October 22 – so, if you meet the criteria above, you can head to this site during the next few weeks to scoop up your free copy of Surgeon Simulator 2. The simulation game’s a pretty recent release, having only launched in late August this year, so it’s a great deal if you’re eligible for a copy.

“The Surgeon Simulator 2 community is frankly rubbish at saving Bob, so we think our players need to be shown how it’s really done,” Bossa Studios gamer-in-chief and CEO Henrique Olifiers says.

Obviously, as real-life GP Registrar, Dr Idris Morgan explains in the press release, “Surgeon Simulator 2 is absolutely NOT a viable medical training tool.

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“However, I do enjoy playing video games in my spare time and I’m confident medical professionals around the world will find Bossa’s interpretation of medicine, and the possibility of five-second heart-transplants, very amusing”. The good doctor goes by the username Doctor Mim and plays Surgeon Sim 2 on YouTube here and streams on Twitch here.

Surgeon Simulator 2 features full four-player co-op and a level creator, and normally costs $24.99 / £19.99 on the Epic Games Store. So, if you’re eligible, go grab yourself a great game for free.