Surgeon Sim’s free Inside Donald Trump DLC revealed


Update June 2, 2016: Bossa Studios have officially unveiled Surgeon Simulator’s free Trump-based DLC, Inside Donald Trump.

Inside Donald Trump will have players performing heart surgery on the presidential candidate – pulling his dodgy hair, wobbling his cheeks, dropping things on his head and giving him the finger in the process – eventually deciding whether he has a heart of stone or a heart of gold. The game will track these results. 

Henrique Olifiers, gamer-in-chief at Bossa Studios, said: “We wanted to reward fans of Surgeon Simulator with a fun and topical update as a thank you for their love. Putting Donald Trump in heart surgery seemed the most natural way to do this in a relevant manner. We can’t wait to see how they ‘vote’!”

Inside Donald Trump comes with a bunch of new stuff including ‘medical’ items, such as Trump Vodka, Trump Steak and Trump Tower. There is even a makeup kit available for anyone that signs up to Club Bossa, and each surgery will end with players billed for the operation, depending what instruments were used and for how long. 

Here’s the official trailer:

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Original Story June 1, 2016: As if Donald Trump existing in real life wasn’t bad enough, Bossa Studios are threatening to release something Trump-related into Surgeon Sim.

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There’s not a lot we know about Surgeon Sim’s Donald Trump-based tease, but it sure looks like they’re going to release something that allows you to operate on the potential president.

I’m sure nobody will object to a game that lets players smash in a presidential candidate’s ribs with a hammer, following up by scooping out his internal organs with their bare hands.

Obviously we don’t know if Bossa are going that far yet, or even if Trump’s going to be in the game at all. Perhaps we’ll just get to give the poor fella a hair transplant. Maybe we can just shake his head and watch his cheeks wobble. Maybe we can all imagine for a few minutes that the world isn’t doomed. Who knows.

All we have is the website’s countdown clock and this tweet to go on:

What do you lot think this will be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.