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Survarium reloads ammo system and grows another PvP mode


Has Survarium been developed backwards? Inside-out and topsy-turvy? It rather feels that way, when the minds behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R. have spent nearly two years testing straightforward PvP and not the MMOFPS component that so compelled in the original pitch.

That DayZ-like survival map will eventually come to Survarium as freeplay mode, Vostok explained a month ago. In the meantime, big change has come to the competitive multiplayer that already exists.

Ammo’s a bit of an odd one in this free-to-play FPS. Previously, a concept of storage defined the max amount of ammo you could carry into battle. That’s gone with today’s update 0.27a.

Now there’s simply a limit on how many rounds you can keep in your backpack. The cost of the cartridges you’ve emptied is deducted after the match has finished - and if there’s a negative balance on your account, you’ll only be able to fight using free equipment.

“Due to this change we automatically sold all cartridges that have already been purchased by the players for the purchase price,” said Vostok.

Elsewhere, there’s a full golf bag’s worth of new weapons, a more informative UI, graphics upgrades and a new mode - in which two teams fight for control of mobile research units. You’ll find full patch notes over the page.

Have you been playing Survarium in beta? Or are you holding out for the bi-hourly storms and anomalies?

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