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Survarium will split North American and European servers for better pings


In April Vostok Games, creators of Survarium, set up North America servers for their apocalyptic multiplayer shooter. Shortly after, the American servers were merged with European servers in order to improve matchmaking. And whilst that worked, it did have the knock-on effect of sending American players’ pings through the roof. 

In response to complaints over pings, Vostok have announced that North American and European servers will be split and return to being separate entities. 

“For the remainder of Version 28 the servers will remain as they are,” wrote the studio on Twitlonger. “Come update V0.29 there will be an in-game server browser where you, the player, will be able to asses various available servers in real-time and select the one you wish to play on. This will include NA, EU and CIS along with any other regions that may launch with [version] 29.”

“We are sincerely and deeply sorry for the trouble caused and hope you can be [patient] a little while longer.”

The update won’t be live until sometime in June, so there’s still some time to wait until those pings return to acceptable rates. If you’re a North American frustrated by not being able to play but want to read how good the game is when it works, try reading Rob’s thoughts on Survarium.

Thanks, PC Gamer.