Paradox’s new space-based city builder Surviving Mars gets a new trailer at Gamescom

Surviving Mars Paradox

If you’re done with Cities: Skylines, thinking there’s no more for you to do on that lush, green planet, Paradox have just the game for you. It’s not quite a sequel or the same game, but Surviving Mars is a new city builder from Paradox and Haemimont Games. At Gamescom, a new trailer was revealed to show off how it works.

Want to know how to ‘survive the shit out of Suriving Mars’? We’ve got some ideas

You’ll start off with small robots, preparing habitable areas, moving to bringing in humans to live together on Mars, in plant-filled bubbles that contrast to the dusty red planet.

It also teases some of the threats you’ll have to deal with – namely, a massive asteroid coming down and destroying everything you know and love. Presumably, that’s not the only threat you’ll have to deal with, as the narrator makes everything seem suitably ominous. Living on an uninhabitable planet isn’t going to be easy.