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City builder Surviving Mars is a space train game now

The new Surviving Mars DLC Martian Express is coming later this month to turn the city builder space game into a train management sim, just as HG Wells expected

The Surviving Mars train DLC is coming this month

Three new pieces of user-made Surviving Mars DLC are getting added to the space city-building game next week, including a fresh look for buildings, a new radio station, and the Martian Express – which turns the space game into a sci-fi train game.

The first significant DLC for Surviving Mars since the Below and Beyond expansion in September last year is coming to the management game next week, April 29 – in fact, there are three DLC packs coming, and they’re all user-made.

These “content creator packs” are essentially mods made official by Paradox. Martian Express is the highlight, made by modders Lucian ‘LukeH’ Hada and Sylvain ‘Silva’ Maupetit, which will add a fully-functioning train system to Surviving Mars. Players can build stations outside of their domes and then use their space locomotives to ferry people and resources across the planet – presumably with all the game’s usual dangers and calamities intact. According to the website, even check out a colonist’s reason for travelling and watch as they get frustrated if they can’t get a seat or miss their train.

The second DLC is the Future Contemporary cosmetic pack, which adds ten new building skins to give your colony a new look. The third DLC features a brand new music station, Revelation Radio, with around 70 minutes of new music.

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The three pieces of user-made Surviving Mars DLC will release on April 29.