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Sword Coast Legends has been “polarizing”; all planned DLC will be free

Sword Coast Legends

Our Fraser had a wonderful time tormenting me in Sword Coast Legends’ Dungeon Master mode, but apparently the laughter hasn’t carried developers N-Space all the way through launch. The ambitious RPG’s Steam user reviews fall between the parameters Valve deem ‘mixed’, and director Dan Tudge seems to agree.

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“Early user impressions for Sword Coast Legends have been polarizing,” he writes in a ‘state of the game’ letter. “While many players love it, it is clear that for many, Sword Coast Legends did not meet their expectations. For those who have expressed disappointment in the game, I have just one thing to say: ‘We hear you’.”

Tudge and the tiny studio have outlined an update plan that takes them up to Christmas, and have pledged to release their planned DLC for free too – starting with Rage of Demons, featuring D&D’s most popular person and location (Drizzt Do’Urden and the Underdark respectively).

“As much and as long as we’ve labored to launch SCL, this is really just step one, a foundation for an even greater experience we have always intended to improve and expand,” Tudge goes on. “Our goal has always been to put Sword Coast Legends into the hands of would-be adventurers and to work with them to improve that experience.”

How’ve you got on with N-Space’s return to gaming’s best-loved coastline?