Sword Coast Legends improves for adventurers and dungeon masters alike with new update

Sword Coast Legends community pack 2

If you’re vacationing at the Sword Coast this holiday season, then you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a new package deal upgrade to make you extra comfortable. Whether you’re a crafty dungeon master or a bold adventurer, there’s a little something for you in the free Sword Coast Legends Community Pack Two update. 

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Influenced by player requests, Community Pack Two adds a new playable sub-race in the form of the Drow elves, who have race abilities of faerie fire and darkness. Evil-ish leaning players will be able to select Lolth the Spider Queen as their deity.

A new hardcore options will disallow Stabilize during combat encounters, and party wipes in Dungeon Crawl games can now reset the dungeon completely should you so wish.

There’s massive changes happening in loot land, where individual loot is now possible, allowing anyone to grab items and keep it without using the shared loot system. Loot displayed on your screen will be designated to you; loot designated for other players will not have the option to be picked up. Server browsers will display what kind of looting system is in effect.

These are the more exciting elements of a pretty chunky update, that also fixes hundreds of bugs, adds new visual effects for content creators, and over 170 new objects for dungeon masters to decorate their levels with. The full patch notes can be found at the Sword Coast Legends website.