Halloween savings hit GOG and Humble Store alongside free games

gog humble bundle halloween sale

The clock is ticking on your ability to play horror games at a seasonally appropriate time, but if you don’t have a thing to play don’t worry – GOG and the Humble Store are offering a wide selection of horror favorites on discount, and they’re giving away free stuff to boot.

Humble Monthly October

On the Humble side, the giveaway is Guns of Icarus Online, a steampunk airship online arena that allows you to build custom vessels and crew them with a group of friends. It’s free to claim for a little over 24 hours, so hop on that.

Meanwhile, GOG is giving away Tales from the Borderlands when you spend over $15 in the store, and that comedic adventure ranks among Telltale’s very best. You’ll have no shortage of ways to spend that money, either, since their Halloween sale covers a massive array of titles, from SOMA and Dead Space to Hollow Knight and Darkest Dungeon to a big selection of Gold Box D&D classics. There are also big savings on id titles, perfect if the new Wolfenstein has you hungry for big action.

Humble’s sale obviously offers more modern titles, and several of them are a bit cheaper than on the Steam Halloween sale, including Doom and Prey. You’ll be getting Steam keys anyway and giving a bit to charity, so what’s not to love?