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Stardew Valley meets Genshin Impact in this shapeshifting farming sim

With shades of Stardew Valley and Genshin Impact, farming sim Tales of Seikyu promises farming, adventure, romance and.. shapeshifting?

Tales of Seikyu, an upcoming farming sim set for a 2024 release, looks like an anime-styled mash-up of Stardew Valley and Genshin Impact. But, as revealed by its announcement trailer, your day-to-day farming life involves a surprising amount of shapeshifting.

Shortly to hit Kickstarter, Tales of Seikyu is a fantasy farming game which promises a few twists. The trailer makes it look absolutely gorgeous, as if developer Ace Entertainment has twinned Stardew Valley’s mechanics with Genshin Impact’s stylish, monster-packed world.

And there’s no shortage of quirky inhabitants for you to mingle with and perhaps even romance. It helps that the town of Seikyu is the home to many yokai, supernatural beings with a neat line in shapeshifting.

But what’s particularly cool is that, thanks to some magical masks, you pick up on these shapeshifting abilities. These new magical skills become instrumental in both helping the locals and keeping your farm in shape.

Sure, you could dig up your field using a boring old shovel, but why not transform into a boar and furrow it with your fangs.  Can you go fishing with a rod? Absolutely. But why do that when you can morph into a slime creature and suck the fish into your mouth? Though you probably shouldn’t disclose that to any would-be customers.

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Farming aside, Tales of Seikyu promises plenty of adventure. You’ll uncover mysteries, take on monsters, use your shifting skills to aid the locals and more. It’s an intriguing blend of genres that I’m eager to get my hands on. And while it does support single-player, it’s also set to feature a co-op mode for you to share the experience.

If this fantasy farming sim has also caught your eye, you can help make it happen by supporting the Tales of Seikyu Kickstarter, which launches this January 12, 2024. And don’t forget to wishlist Tales of Seikyu on Steam.

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