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Tanks for the memories: Rebellion showcases vehicular murder in Sniper Elite 3

Sniper Elite 3 tanks

The latest dev diary from Rebellion showcases the long-range vehicular murder of Sniper Elite 3. No more are humans the only sniper victims to get special x-ray kill cams. Tanks and other vehicles are getting in on the action too, flashing their innards for all to see. 

Direct your eyes below for some exploding tank porn. 

Rebellion notes that players can take several different approaches when dealing with these armoured behemoths. They can lay traps, setting mines and dynamite in an attempt to disable the tank, or they can look for weaknesses with their binoculars, eventually sniping these areas to get into the tank’s squishy, human filled centre or its oil soaked organs.

While tanks being blown to smithereens by one bullet seems a bit fanciful, Rebellion says that it does care about realism. The developer researched the German vehicles of World War II and explored the Bovington tank museum for inspiration.

Sniper Elite 3 launches on June 27th in Europe, while our American chums will have to wait a few days more for it to launch in July 1st.