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Tannenberg, the standalone expansion for Verdun, hits the Steam trenches in November

tannenberg release date

Verdun drew a small but enthusiastic following with its realistic action aimed at replicating the tactics of trench warfare in a multiplayer shooter. Now they’re working on a follow-up in the form of standalone expansion Tannenberg, which has just been confirmed for a November 16 release date on Steam Early Access.

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Tannenberg will feature new maps, weapons, and squads along with its move to the Eastern Front, but the biggest addition is the new Maneuver game mode. The mode will see 64 player battles on bigger maps with multiple objectives, encouraging players to take every effort to outflank and, yes, outmaneuver their opponents.

The game’s stay in Early Access is planned to be a short one, with the full game set to release in the first quarter of 2018. Since Tannenberg builds on the same base as Verdun, the fundamentals are there and it should just be a matter of applying the final touches.

Tannenberg will, again, be a standalone expansion, so you don’t have to own Verdun to play. It will be available for $17.99 on release with a discount for Verdun owners, but that discount along with pricing in other regions have yet to be revealed.