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Viral WoW-adjacent MMO asks for pre-registration signups

Tarisland's coming soon and you can sign up for its pre-registration event, with incentives for those who dip a toe into its MMORPG waters.

Viral WoW-adjacent MMO asks for pre-registration signups: A bard from Tarisland stands in character creation, surrrounded by purple haze and complete with a lyre on its back.

The legacy of World of Warcraft is writ large through the MMO genre. There isn’t a single MMORPG that doesn’t pay homage, at least in part, to Blizzard’s multiplayer titan. In the upcoming free-to-play Tarisland that inspiration is worn clearly on the game’s sleeve. Now, it’s gearing up for a full release and developer Tencent is asking prospective players to sign up in a big pre-registration push.

Following on from several betas, Tarisland developer Tencent has announced a new digital event to encourage pre-registration signups for the MMORPG. This cross-platform adventure promises to give players who sign up several bonuses in the game, and also the chance to win real-world prizes.

Should players register using Tencent’s own Level Infinite Pass, a way of playing Tencent games under one login, they’ll be rewarded via the game’s Millstone Events system. These will include mounts, pets, and other bonuses players can redeem. There’s also a Raffle Event which will give those who sign up the opportunity to enter to win in-game rewards, as well as iPhones, gift cards, graphics cards, and more.

A screenshot from Tarisland showing a warrior running through a green field, with odd purple mushrooms making the landscape appear alien.

All of which is designed to encourage people to register prior to the game’s global launch later in 2024. Tarisland will be free-to-play and interestingly, it’ll be cross platform between both PC and mobile devices, meaning that raid member you spot tanking a boss could well be sitting on the toilet.

It’s tough to say at this point if Tarisland will be a success; it has seen a wide reach due to some earlier videos which went viral back in January of 2023, drawing accusations of being a World of Warcraft clone. Since then, it’s become apparent that there is more to the game, looking like a remix of the MMO genre’s best hits rather than an attempt to cock its hat at any one particular game, but that associated miasma may be hard to shift as Tarisland enters its full release.

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If you’re interested in giving Tarisland a shot, you can sign up for pre-registration over on the official site. There’s no word of a definitive release date just yet but we do know it is planned to release later in 2024.

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